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Hello and welcome to! This website is a great place where teams, students, mentors and organisers can come together to talk about all things RoboCupJunior related. Please signup for an account, create a Team Webpage and start participating in the forums.
Regards Damien Kee - Website Moderator


Dear Sir, We are the fll representative in Tunisia. we would like to be the rcj representative. We would like to know the rquirements to be the rcj in Tunisia Smart Kids Mr. Habib
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Dear Mr. Habib, Thank you for your interest in RoboCupJunior. We do not assign a national representative before the RCJ community in your country grows into a size with several teams representing your country. We would like the community to decide the national rep for their own country since the person will really represent the country to the wider RCJ international community. The first step for you is to participate in RCJ events around your country, a national selection event in other countries, or try to participate in the International event. I would suggest participating in RCJ events around your country so that you will see what RCJ is about first, before deeply committing to it. Amy Eguchi, RCF trustee representing RCJ

Dear Amy, To develop teams in my country and participate to international events or RCJ events we need some materials, like the ball, the pads etc... from where we can get those equipement Thank you Habib
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Depending on which league you want your teams to participate, things you need differ. But we do not specify robotics set to be used. So you can basically use anything that is available in your country except for the soccer ball.

Hi Damien, We are a charity educational foundation in Chili, and wanted to join your initative: robocup junior. We do work with a robotics teams of locals universities to give school´s kids workshops during a semester, they also participate in a final competition. Please let me know how to be in contact with your organitation to be close of your project, and participate in next robocup junior. We wanted to know how to make our initative strongest, share and receive better practices and grow in an international scale. Pam
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I have made a team page twice but it doesn't show up in the forum teams tab. we are XCOM team from Egypt. we won the Egyptian Nationals 2015 in Rescue category. can you please check this problem

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